Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Argument About Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr

Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Justin Bieber and British actor Orlando Bloom had a fight, tried to punch Justin in Ibiza in Spain where the singer embarked for a few days vacation. The reason for the fight was not yet clear, but rumors point that Bieber and Orlando had some unfinished business because the actor was seen with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez earlier this year and Justin also met with the former girlfriend of Orlando, the Model Miranda Kerr, during the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” in 2012. After the fight, Justin posted a picture of Miranda and typed in the caption, “♛” , the photo was deleted moments later and hours later posted again with the same caption. Clearly trying to further irritate the situation then, a photo of Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit and a symbol of a crown like legend. Checkout Full story:

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom Argument About Ex-Wife Miranda Kerr At A Restaurant in Ibiza, Spain

Justin Bieber Legal Problems Continue And Selena Gomez Done With ‘Boyfriend’ Singer?

selena gomezand justin bieberJustin Bieber‘s legal problems have yet to end.

The Canadian singer was sued by a paparazzo in May who claimed that the 20-year-old’s bodyguard allegedly locked him in a Subway restaurant and injured him.

To add to the legal problems, the photographer’s lawyer is reportedly trying to use Bieber’s alleged drug abuse against the singer, and he’s attempting to drag the pop star’s closest friends into the drama to prove it, according to TMZ.

The man who is suing Bieber, Manuel Munoz, claimed that he was taking pictures of the “Boyfriend” singer as he was leaving SET Nightclub in Miami Beach last January. Bieber’s bodyguard reportedly chased the photographer, cornered him in the bathroom of a Subway, and demanded that he delete the photos.

Munoz reportedly claimed that the bodyguard tried to remove the memory card, then kicked and punched him, according to the gossip website.

Munoz’s lawyer reportedly believes that if Bieber’s close friends, including Lil Za, Lil Twist, Khalil, Scooter Braun and trainer Patrick Nilsson, are honest, the singer’s behavior could be linked to his consumption of certain drugs and alcohol.

As Bieber struggles to get his legal problems in order, he may be having problems once again with on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Rumors circulated this past weekend when Bieber was spotted spending his fourth of July weekend in Miami with friends and other women, instead of Gomez, according to the Liberty Voice.

The “Come and Get It” singer was invited to spend time on the yacht that Bieber was spotted on, but Gomez rejected the invitation and reportedly told Bieber to “get lost.”